My name is Emily. I am attempting to beat the crap out of my quarter life crisis.

I am horribly quiet and shy unless around people I know or have ingested alcohol. In said cases I become very gregarious and an amazing dancer.

I fully admit that I am a plain Jane, which puts me in excellent literary company – Jane Eyre, the second Mrs. de Winter, etc. Thus, if I become a fictional character, I will no doubt marry a wealthy older man who loves me madly but has emotional issues due to his previous wife.

Among other things, I attempt to bake, cook, knit, embroider, and cross stitch. One day I will make a fat, sweater-wearing man very happy.

November 12 2007  |  (Comments Off)

My name is Emily, and I'm a twenty-eight year old living in western Tennessee. I have the compulsion to always keep my hands busy, and blogging keeps me from doing more less constructive things. Painted Eyes is a collection of my loves, my life, and anything else I feel like posting. I was never good at themed blogs! Read more...

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